One Room Challenge Week 1: the mudroom

Welcome! I’m thrilled to be linking up with the One Room Challenge for the first time this fall. I’ve followed the One Room Challenge for years and discovered some amazing designers in years past (The Makerista, Old Home Love, The Hunted Interior to name a few) and always, always wanted to jump in but the timing never seemed right. I’ve learned though, that just like having a baby, there are always a million reasons why NOT to do something and sometimes you just need to rip the bandaid off and go for it! So here I am.

We moved into our home in April of this year, so we first laid eyes on the room I’ve chosen for the One Room Challenge in the listing photos for our house.

For the rest of the listing photos, we could get a sense of each room’s function and general location in the home, but these images left us stumped. There was already another office in the home with a full, coordinating suite of office furniture. Plus the room seemed small…what even was this space?!

When we walked through the house for the first time, things began to make more sense. This little space is essentially a pass-through room right off the garage. There are two doors–the pocket door shown above on one side that leads into the rest of the house and an exterior door out to the garage. This house was clearly staged for listing, and we don’t really know what the previous owners used the room for.

For us, this room easily became the mudroom/dumping ground. It’s where we come in off the garage and leave shoes, but it’s also where we keep our dogs’ crate and a desk with our old computer and massive but necessary printer. These before photos are rough. Rooooooough.

Notice my curious puppies….but seriously, can we still be friends after I post these uuuuugly photos of my space?! *hides face with hands*

Moving on, let’s get down to the future of this space instead of the blech before. Luckily for us, we had our entire interior painted over the summer so the walls, trim, and doors are all crisp, clean white (High Reflective White by Sherwin Williams). I’ve been saving inspiration for ages to get ready to tackle this space and this is what I’ve been dreaming of.








Initially when we moved in I was sure I wanted to do full built-ins around the room with individual lockers for each of my kids and tons or covered storage. The timeline for that kind of renovation is waaaay down the road, though, as we have other, more pressing changes we are wanting to make to the house in our more high-use living spaces. And we realized that the season in our family’s life where we would need that kind of system will likely be halfway over by the time we are ready to tackle that. So instead I shifted focus and began dreaming up simpler, but still high impact and high function changes I can make in here to make the space work for all the things we need it to do.

To that end, here is my to-do list:

  • update flooring
  • add storage in the form of hooks, shelving, and baskets
  • add seating
  • update light fixture
  • remove window treatments
  • trim back overgrown landscaping outside window to bring in my natural light
  • reconfigure existing furniture for better flow

Whew, I can get that all done in 6 weeks right? RIGHT?!

Oh, and if you love a good before and after, be sure you check in on all the One Room Challenge featured and linking designers every week. There is so much design eye candy to enjoy.



  1. I love all of your inspirational images! My mudroom in my house is seriously my favorite room, so I know you will love your new room too…best of luck during the rest of ORC!

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